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Getting great ideas crowdfunded

A call for projects by

  • Ulule
  • Bank of the West

Launch and crowdfund your project!

Are you an entrepreneur looking to crowdfund and gain more visibility? Ulule and Bank of the West are committed to celebrating great ideas and we are on a quest for projects.

We are creating 5 cohorts in 2 categories: Women Entrepreneurship and Positive Impact. Members in each cohort will benefit from Ulule’s personalized crowdfunding coaching while they prepare to kickstart their Ulule campaign. Selected entrepreneurs will also get a chance to pitch their idea to our community at one of our 'Pitch Pitch' events to earn Bank of the West co-funding grants*.

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Does your project fit into one of these categories?

  • Women Entrepreneurship

    Women Entrepreneurship

    You have an idea or product and you want to seek funding from the crowd; let’s do it!

  • Positive impact

    Positive impact

    Social entrepreneurs, mission-driven businesses, including but not limited to those that will have a positive impact on the environment, or not-for-profit organizations with a positive or social impact are eligible.

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The perks

  • Coaching

    Ulule’s crowdfunding experts will guide you all along the creation of your campaign. ⅔ projects on Ulule get funded, which is double the success rate of Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects.

  • Co-funding

    Get the chance to win grants by competing for Bank of the West Awards dedicated to the most impactful projects!

  • Extra exposure

    Benefit from visibility across our channels and showcase your project at #ActforImpact events!

Cool! How do I participate?

  1. Step 1

    Submit your project to Ulule

    Tell us about your project! We’ll get in touch in a few hours to let you know if you qualify.

    Submit your project
  2. Step 2

    Launch your project

    An Ulule crowdfunding expert will coach you to make sure you get the best chance of success.

  3. Step 3

    Pitch your project

    Present your project in front of a crowd for your chance to win a Bank of the West Award!

Bank of the West


We, at Bank of the West, firmly believe that collective progress will be achieved through growth that is both sustainable and equitable.

So in addition to helping address climate change through our strict financing policies, we are also focusing on women entrepreneurs and social programs.

Let’s all together create positive change in a world that demands it!


  • Am I ready for crowdfunding?

    Makers, entrepreneurs and project makers of all kinds use crowdfunding to pre-sell items or to fund their development ambitions (fair costs, purchasing new equipment, storefront launch, etc). Crowdfunding can be for everyone: the project details don’t matter, as long as you’ve got a creative idea or initiative! Our platform allows you to discover and support original, creative and community-minded projects. Projects are funded only if they reach (or surpass!) their objective.
  • What is Ulule?

    Ulule is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in the world, with over 25,000 projects funded. We provide a unique winning combination for project creators: exclusive and expert coaching, proactive local involvement, and most importantly visibility across an immense group of contributors across the world. This accumulates to an overall 65% project success rate, twice as high as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other platform. You can call us a “no-brainer” when it comes to crowdfunding. For more informations, read our terms of use.
  • How do I participate?

    To participate in #ActForImpact, make sure your project fits into one of these two categories: women entrepreneurship and positive impact. Then launch a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, apply here. You will be coached by Ulule to make sure you get the best chances of success. At launch, pitch your project in front of a crowd and get a chance to win the Bank of the West award!
  • Legal information & disclosure

    *Please note that Bank of the West is sponsoring the Pitch Pitch events as an opportunity for entrepreneurs' own consideration, but Bank of the West is not endorsing or recommending crowdfunding as a fundraising technique for any given business. Participants need to do their own research to determine if crowdfunding is an appropriate fundraising technique for them. Bank of the West is hosting the Pitch Pitch event venues and supporting projects achieving successful Pitches through its contributions (for example, $2,000 to each of the 5 winning projects), but Bank of the West is not responsible for the crowdfunding services, including any decision by Ulule to not advance any project submitted, the quality of the coaching by the Ulule community captains, or the success or not of any Pitch Pitch. Participants are entering into a contractual arrangement solely between themselves and Ulule. Participants should read Ulule's posted Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully and make sure they understand the funding conditions and what rewards, if any, they are committing to pay.